“I have always been a big fan of massage therapy and what it can do to facilitate healing and relieve discomfort. I have been blessed to be able to make massage a part of my health regime for over 10 years and I am very particular about who I work with.

Since my first treatment I have been thoroughly impressed with Annie’s genuinely caring demeanour and attention to what my body was expressing through my muscular system. I am always impressed with how quickly and accurately she can reveal the root cause of my suffering!

She is very focused in helping her clients to heal via her hands-on techniques, advice and exercise programs. They ensure positive changes happen and last. I highly recommend Annie for all of your massage requirements.”

- Daniel T., Teacher


“My first experience with acupuncture has set the bar extremely high for future acupuncture specialists. As far as I’m concerned, Annie is the best there is. My own family medical practitioner has never been as caring, understanding, personal and thorough as Annie. Annie is truly a professional who cares.”

-Louise, Manager